The wine-estate of Château Bon Baron, is situated in Belgium, in the valley of the river Meuse in Dinant. Started as an estate of passion, it became a revival of a well-known wine region, which was already written about in history in 1018. At present an estate of destiny between monasteries and medieval castles.


We believe in the power of nature which, for growing wines in the valley on the banks of the river Meuse, creates the ideal Micro-Climate conditions

Our challenge is more than cultivating and wine making;  It is creating a work of art reflecting in a glass of wine it’s climate, it’s terroir, it’s people as well as the fingerprints of the winemakers. 

We are grateful that this valley of the river Meuse symbolizes so many treasures. It is  her beauty, her harmony, her river, her steep limestone rocks which provides a protected environment for the richest biodiversity in Europe; the birds, the trees, the flowers, the fish. We are  the luckiest people to be the protectors of this ecosystem.


Château Bon Baron grew gradually as from the year 2000 into an estate of importance in Belgium with 14 different varieties of historic vitis vinifera grapes.


We at Chateau Bon Baron want to cultivate in a way that is green, kind and honest to every being. In nature everything works together. The challenge is, close to the river, to take care of the vineyards without herbicides and without insecticides in respect of the biodiversity so necessary for a harmonious balance. To capture that, we let us guide by all reasons to maintaining the health of Château Bon Baron by sustainable viticulture, with a healthy soil and environment, to keep healthy vines, to harvest healthy grapes, which gives the condition for top quality wines.


As the vines growing older with the winemakers, the Chateau Bon Baron wines reflects the true character of their terroir.


As winemakers, we want to trigger all your senses together in perfect harmony with the structure, the complexity and the personality of the wines given by the power of nature.

This destiny of the wines let us grow, bringing love and joy to share.

Making people happy with our wines, makes us happy